This article sets out the role of the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA). In recognition of the importance of education in ensuring Ethiopia's poverty reduction program and sustainable development, the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is in the process of implementing a higher education and capacity building program aimed at reforming and expanding the country's higher education sector. Critical to meeting the objectives of thi...


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  1. The development of the following national guidelines and procedures:

    • A National Quality Assurance System

    • An Institutional Audit System

    • Assessment Standards

    • Accreditation Criteria

  2. The development of stakeholder awareness and involvement through:
    • Advising on good practice

    • Providing HEIs with a forum for discussion on quality and relevance

    • Expanding peer relationships and professional networking opportunities

    • Promoting the establishment of associations (HEIs, Students, Professionals and others)

    • Facilitating the initiation of subject benchmarking practices

HERQA has committed itself to the following values to underpin its functions. The three core values embraced by the staff of HERQA to accomplish the duties and responsibilities vested on HERQA by society and the government are the following:

  1. Public Accountability

    HERQA, cognizant of its societal role, will remain committed to serve the society with a full sense of responsibility.

  2. Professionalism

    HERQA and its staff will provide an expert and professional service informed by knowledge of methods and models for assessing quality throughout the world.

  3. Transparent and Impartial Service Delivery

    The staff of HERQA shall pursue and have a mind set based on the ideals of impartiality and equality of treatment and will have open and democratic dealings with stakeholders in everything they do.

Individual Values that are adopted by HERQA are:

  1. Competence

    The staff of HERQA shall pursue its responsibilities with the highest possible diligence, standards and demonstration of professional ability.

  2. Professional Integrity

    All staff of HERQA will operate with utmost honesty and social responsibility. They shall be professional through technical performance and rigor, ethical through exemplary and fair behavior and shall be responsible in the undertaking of duties and responsibilities.

  3. Self-initiation

    Taking initiative to carry out individual and organizational responsibilities is crucial for achieving the goals, objectives and tasks of HERQA. Staff will be willing to move beyond a narrow definition of responsibilities and be flexible and wholehearted in seeking solutions

Organizational Values that are adopted by HERQA are:

  1. Trusted partnership

    All relationships with stakeholders and individuals shall be with trust and confidence and on the basis of mutual respect and benefit. HERQA shall respect confidentiality and carefully avoid possible conflicts of interest.

  2. Participatory team work

    HERQA strives to develop internal synergies and the integration of diversified competencies and to promote teamwork and participatory democratic relationships as its powerful instruments to accomplish its roles and responsibilities. HERQA will promote consultation and discussions on a regular basis at every level.

  3. Client Satisfaction

    HERQA commits itself to give proactive, relevant and quality services to the highest standards ensuring the satisfaction and fulfillment of the expectations of its stakeholders.

Operational Values that are adopted by HERQA are:

  1. Credibility

    HERQA is bound to the principle of demonstrating trust, public satisfaction and acceptance in all its undertakings.

  2. Efficiency and Effectiveness

    HERQA is committed to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness so that the output and the outcome of the education system could be reflected in the social, economic and technological development of the country.

Strategic Value adopted by HERQA is:

  • Commitment to excellence

    Commitment to excellence in the performance of HERQA is a key to deliver a quality service to the stakeholders and the society at large.